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What is TiffinHunt?

TiffinHunt is home of Tiffin service (lunch or dinner box) restaurants. We are providing better way to order subscription-based meal through our platform. TiffinHunt lets you easily find and order food from your favourite restaurants. We’ve modernized Tiffin service network to provide you convenience and control with accuracy.

Where does TiffinHunt operate?

Currently TiffinHunt operates in Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We are coming to other Canadian cities soon.

Placing an Order

How do I order with TiffinHunt & know that the restaurant has accepted my order?

Ordering with TiffinHunt is as easy as 3 steps:
Step 1: Choose a restaurant
Step 2: Place order
Step 3: Checkout

After submitting your order, you will see your will receive confirmation email. This means that your order has been sent and confirmed your order by the restaurant.

What happens if restaurant does not accept my order?

Occasionally a restaurant can’t accept your order. If this happens, TiffinHunt will contact you as soon as possible via phone or email. If you paid online with your credit or debit card, you will be refunded for the entire purchase or carry forward your amount to proceed with your future purchase.

I have food allergy, what can I do?

TiffinHunt is not involved with food preparation and is not responsible for issues or allergies resulting from ordered food. All dishes may contain traces of allergens (i.e. wheat, gluten, milk, soya, peanuts, etc). If you have a food allergy (or someone you’re ordering for has), please inform us through our  orders email and let us know about the allergy/food intolerance and we will forward to restaurant. Please read what the restaurant has to say about allergies on menu, before placing your order. Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

After Your Order is Confirmed

What if I need to cancel or modify my order of meal subscription after I have placed it?

Once the restaurant has accepted your order and you’d like to modify in your subscription-based meal for current time or for upcoming days, you can call us at 437-235-2565 or email us here with your changes. And we will help you as soon as possible!

Please note: All the changes will be apply in your meal of 2 days after.

What if I need to SKIP or PAUSE meal service, when I am out of town or something else happened?

We do respect your urgency or being out of town at your convenience. That is why TiffinHunt brought SKIP or PAUSE the meal option for you. With SKIP the meal option, you can SKIP meal maximum for 1-2 days in your subscription period & with PAUSE the meal option you can PAUSE meal for up to 7 days within your subscription period. If you have any question about this, you can call us at 437-235-2565 or email us here with your changes. And we will help you as soon as possible!

Please note: Inform us before 12 pm (Toronto Time) to SKIP meal on next day. PAUSE meal option will be apply 2 days after on your schedule.

Checkout, Pricing, and Payment

Is there a delivery fee or minimum purchase require to place an order?

TiffinHunt is providing subscription-based meals for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly through listed restaurants on our app platform. TiffinHunt do not charge any extra delivery fees for any order. Generally delivery fees are included in total meal price. Restaurants have their own delivery system to deliver your meal at your place, on your time. If there is delivery fees charged by restaurant, it will show up before you order.

Is it safe to pay with credit cards or apple pay on TiffinHunt App?

Yes, TiffinHunt employs all security standards and uses leading North American payment providers, Stripe, to deliver secure and reliable payment solutions that make the customer experience convenient and dependable.

TiffinHunt does not share your credit card information with anyone. You can view our privacy policy & account security.

Managing Your Account

I forgot my password or username. What should I do?

Your username is simply your email. If you forgot your password, you can click on forgot password link at start of the app to reset your password

Where can I view my Tiffin & plans or previous payments & history?

Your current Tiffin plans, payments & history are accessible through profile section of the app.

Can I change or manage addresses for my Tiffin delivery?

Yes, definitely. You can manage your addresses through profile section of the App. You can even add multiple address such as work and home to have flexibility of delivery options.

Restaurant Questions

How do I sign up my restaurant?

Are you running a kitchen? Partner with TiffinHunt App and do more for your restaurant. Join us today by filling your restaurant information here or Contact us Now at 437-235-2565

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or by email at support@tiffinhunt.ca